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Welcome to our Challenges, Courses, Programs and Memberships.
We also have digital products such as eBooks here and are excited to be constantly adding more and more for you to achieve your goals.

Break Free Consultancy is about you, we work WITH you and know that you WILL achieve results with the right tools.

Whether you are a professional wanting to help your clients by completing the Beyond Bariatric Surgery Course or someone who would like to achieve your own health, fitness and wellness Goals we have you covered.

Break Free With Jacqui Memberships are here now and ready for you.

You receive access to online articles, posts and videos, along with discounts to different programs.
Our 4 Memberships are:
* Weight Release
* Bariatric Surgery Success
* Wellness & Mindset
* Professional Membership
(personal trainers, health professionals, allied professionals, coaches)

All available on monthly or yearly plans.

Client Programs are:
30 days of Gratitude and Rejuvenation.
7 Day FREE Trial of Gratitude & Rejuvenation Challenge
The perfect way to STOP, focus on you and your life and to connect with what makes you happy.
As you focus completely on you, relaxing and noticing what is working, you will find opportunities to Live YOUR Best Life!

Let's Make It Happen! Program
Now comes in 2 different time frames:
* VIP - 6 Months
* Ultimate - 12 months
Let's Do It! Programs are personalized program that contain 5 different programs in one place:
* Weight Release Program
* Fitness Program
* Bariatric Surgery
* Wellness Program
* Mindset.

All have online content, audios and guide you step by step over the time frame you choose.
Each one offers different numbers of coaching sessions and a few more tools to help you achieve your goals

Include options to upgrade along the way.
Memberships are also part of the Let's Make It Happen Programs.

Consultations with Jacqui!
Each consultation with Jacqui is a combination of information provided to you plus coaching.
The consultations are designed to give you the strategies you require to achieve your goals and Live YOUR Best Life!
Three options available:
* Free 15 Minute session
* One session
* 4 +1  Sessions 5 for sessions for the price 4.

For Professionals:
Beyond Bariatric Surgery! Training
FitRec recognized as ongoing education for Personal Trainers. Also suitable for allied health professionals, holistic practitioners and GP's.

* Beyond Bariatric Surgery!  Understanding Your Post Weight Loss Client
* Break Free & Go For It! 3 Steps to sustaining long term health and fitness
Can Do Bariatric Surgery! Will assist you to achieve your goals post bariatric surgery
Life Beyond Obesity! - Jacqui's story of transformation. From 163kgs and struggling everyday to a healthy 54kgs and loving life!

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30 Days Gratitude & Rejuvenation Challenge

30 days of Gratitude and Rejuvenation.

The perfect way to focus on your and YOUR life! Feel yourself relax, and Live YOUR Best Life!
View course $107 AUD

7 Days FREE Trial - 30 Days Gratitude & Rejuvenation -

Let's Make It Happen! Ultimate Program

 The Ultimate VIP Program that is personalized program based on a holistic and intuitive approach to change!
Fully supported for YOU!
View course $3,037 AUD

Let's Make It Happen VIP Program

Let's Make It Happen VIP - 6 Month Program
Online content, over 6 hours of consultations along with guidance to create long term results!
View course $1,776 AUD

Free 15 Minute Strategy Coaching Session

Consultation with Jacqui

Consultations with Jacqui, combines receiving information and guide along with coaching. 
Empowering you as you achieve your goals!
View course $197 AUD

4+ 1 Consultation Bundle

Creating changes is challenging on your own 4 + 1 is 5 Consultations are both information and coaching combined designed to empower you!
View course $788 AUD

Beyond Bariatric Surgery Course

FitRec  recognized for Personal Trainers, great for allied Health professionals, holistic practitioners. Understand Bariatric Surgery Client
View course $297 AUD

Beyond Bariatric Surgery ebook (non kindle version)

Beyond Bariatric Surgery eBook is available separate to the course.

This book is available for download once you make the payment.

View product $5.97 AUD

Break Free & Go For It! - eBook

Break Free & Go For It - Amazon No.1 Best selling book.
This eBook is for those who are ready to create long term changes in their life!
View product $5.99 AUD

Can Do Bariatric Surgery eBook

Can Do Bariatric Surgery eBook gives you insight into how to achieve your goals post bariatric surgery.

View product $5.97 AUD

Long Term Success! What is Holding YOU Back?

Long Term Success eBook
This FREE ebook is an introduction to creating changes in your life. 
A perfect place to start for you!

Life Beyond Obesity- Jacqui's story of transformation

Life Beyond o
Life Beyond Obesity is Jacqui's transformation for 163kgs and struggling everyday to healthy 54kgs and loving life!
View product $5.97 AUD

Break Free with Jacqui Memberships

There are 4 Break Free Memberships to choose from:

* Weight Management: focus on weight management in a healthy way.
* Bariatric Surgery Success - for those who have had or considering having bariatric surgery.
* Wellness:  Encouraging you to be present in your life and living your best life!
* Professional - for those who have completed the Beyond Bariatric Surgery Course

Starting from $12.00 a month, discount to yearly membership.

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