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 Ready to lose weight and Keep it off for Good, we have you covered. From self pace online program  6 week Kick start through to 12 month VIP Program.
Weight management, Bariatric surgery Coaching!

Client Programs are:
* Success 28 - 45 Day Challenge - completely online and self paced challenge to kick start your weight loss journey, including audio's, meditations, resources much more!

*Bariatric Surgery Success - 6 Week Program.
Learn how to achieve long term results post bariatric surgery - all online

Let's Do It! Ultimate - 12 month VIP Program
For all who are serious about losing weight and keeping it off! YOU will get results that last! Includes: Online content, Meditations, Audio's, Be Fit & Lorna Jane Vouchers and much more! Suitable for those who have had bariatric Surgery or choose not to have weight loss surgery.

Coaching/Strategy Sessions -Three options available:
* Free 15 Minute session
* One session
* 4 +1  Sessions 5 for sessions for the price 4.

For Professionals:
Beyond Bariatric Surgery! Training
FitRec recognized as ongoing education for Personal Trainers. Also suitable for allied health professionals, holistic practitioners and GP's.

* Beyond Bariatric Surgery!  Understanding Your Post Weight Loss Client
* Break Free & Go For It! 3 Steps to sustaining long term health and fitness
* Self- Esteem Journal. Increase your self esteem and self confidence with this ebook.

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Success 28 - 45 day Challenge

Ready to release excess weight & improve your  health, then our 45 Day challenge is perfect for you. Kick start your weight loss TODAY!
View course $89 AUD

Bariatric Surgery Success Program

So you have had bariatric surgery, now what?
 Bariatric Surgery Success  6 week program assists you  to establish new habits post surgery.
View course $105 AUD

Let's Do It! Ultimate 12 Month Program

The Ultimate program for weight loss and improved fitness. 12 Months personalized program for YOU, fully supported each step of the way!
View course $4,600 AUD

Free 15 Minute Strategy Coaching Session

Coaching/Strategy Session with Jacqui

There are times when having someone assist you to get clear on your goals and the action to take. 
This session is perfect for that!
View course $220 AUD

4+ 1 Coaching/Strategy Sessions

Creating changes is challenging on your own 4 + 1 is 5 coaching/strategies sessions that provides you with support to achieve your goals.
View course $900 AUD

Beyond Bariatric Surgery Training

FitRec  recognized for Personal Trainers, great for allied Health professionals, holistic practitioners. Understand Bariatric Surgery Client
View course $257 AUD

Beyond Bariatric Surgery ebook (non kindle version)

Beyond Bariatric Surgery eBook is available separate to the course.

This book is available for download once you make the payment.

View product $5.97 AUD

Self Esteem Journal

Self- Esteem Journal is for everyone who would like to increase their self esteem and self confidence.
Easy to download and start using.
View product $5.99 AUD

Break Free & Go For It! - eBook

Break Free & Go For It - Amazon No.1 Best selling book.
This eBook is for those who are ready to create long term changes in their life!
View product $5.99 AUD