Let's Make It Happen! Ultimate Program by Jacqui Grant

Let's Make It Happen! Ultimate Program

Let's Do It! Ultimate VIP Program is a personalized program based on a holistic and intuitive approach to change!
You will:
* Create LONG term changes in Weight Management, Fitness and Wellbeing.
* Start with the goal that is most important to YOU!

With online content, meditations, Strategy/Coaching sessions and an abundance of resources you are fully supported each step of the way.

What's included?

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Let's Make It Happen Ultimate Program
Program Action Forms
Strategy & Coaching Sessions
Be Fit Food Voucher
Bryon Bay Teas
Break Free & Go For It eBook
2.85 MB
Self-Esteem Journal 2020.pdf
1.39 MB
Contact Us- Ongoing support
Break Free with Jacqui Membership
Weight Release Program
Weight Release Program Welcome
Program Action Sheets
Decisional Balance Chart
92.4 KB
Australian National Food Guide
2.41 MB
Break Free Reciepe ebook
2.08 MB
Smoothies & Shakes Break Free
638 KB
Bariatric Surgery Program
Bariatric Surgery Program Welcome
Can Do Bariatric Surgery eBook 2020.pdf
1.85 MB
Bariatric Surgery Success - 0-6 months milestone.pdf
123 KB
Bariatric surgery milestone 12 - 18 months.pdf
135 KB
Bariatric surgery milestone 18 - 24 months.pdf
127 KB
Fitness Program
Exercise program Example
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Wellness Program
Wellness Program Action Sheets
Motivation Meditation.m4a
14 mins
Booking your Strategy Session
Booking your Strategy session
Decisional Balance Chart.
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Coach Me
Coach Me 1
Checking in - Let's Talk!
Check In - Let's Talk!